Investment Reporting


Transparency is critical to every investment management practice, across markets and regardless of size. It’s the key to sound decision-making, compliance and accountability. And, it’s a marketable competitive advantage. Achieving all of the benefits of a transparent enterprise starts with quality information that can be easily, securely accessed around the clock. Investment reporting is the key.

Broadridge provides transparency for investment monitoring, performance measurement and compliance. As a rich hub for financial data management, our operational platform produces a single set of comprehensive, accurate and timely information to support the front, middle and back offices. The reporting engine aligns the consumption of this data with business objectives and client demands. From the board room to the back office, each team member views, interacts with and shares information relevant to their role—without spending hours aggregating, reconciling and preparing data for presentation.

Broadridge makes information available in the following ways:

Investment Portfolio Reporting

Broadridge offers an extensive collection of reporting applications to deliver that information to the entire spectrum of consumers internal and external to the organization. They include easy-to-use tools and a library with hundreds of industry-standard templates. Users effortlessly generate meaningful views of financial data stored within the platform across dimensions—from intraday market exposure to cash availability and financial statements.

Investment Reporting Dashboards

Broadridge provides a real-time investment record that can be viewed and shared by the entire organization. Our dashboards transform information into insight by presenting it clearly and contextually in support business roles. Our experts have identified and preconfigured a wide range of essential dashboards based upon decades of experience serving investment enterprises. And, the solution’s intuitive interface enables fast, easy customization of additional views by each user.

Investment Reporting for Performance Measurement

Broadridge has extensive security and aggregate-level capabilities with uniform evaluations of investment rates of returns across a diversity of account structures and asset allocation constructs. Rates of return are true time-weighted calculations, fully compliant with GIPS at all measurement levels. Performance evaluations include composite, portfolio, segment, user-defined asset class, economic sector, industry class, country, currency and individual security. And, the parallel cash feature allows accounting for un-invested cash by segment.

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