Asset Managers


As an asset manager, you have an unparalleled level of accountability. To your firm. To your clients and their financial advisors. And, to industry regulators. To succeed, you must control operating costs, deliver superior returns and service, and mitigate risk. That requires efficient, effective, compliant investment management and the right asset management solution can help.

Broadridge knows what it takes to run a high-performance asset management practice, and our solution reflects it. We support a “strategy to balance sheet” workflow from the front to the middle and back office. We enable secure access to data that is timely, accurate and complete, and the tools needed to take action quickly—around the clock. With streamlined, automated workflow, flexible reporting, and a “single version of the truth” for transparency, our solutions enhance performance, client response and regulatory compliance—all while reducing overhead costs.

Key Features

  • Accurate, reliable portfolio accounting
  • Efficient order management processing
  • Automated investment operations workflow
  • Superior data management and control
  • Business intelligence and transparency
  • Performance evaluation and measurement

Our asset management solutions are driven by Broadridge Investment Accounting, a mid- to back-office operational platform for investment accounting, financial data management and investment reporting. A complete, flexible and scalable managed services offering delivered across a single, hosted platform, Broadridge Investment Accounting drives optimal efficiency, information utilization and risk mitigation across the enterprise. Learn more.

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