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As an asset manager, you have an unparalleled level of accountability. To your firm. To your clients and their financial advisors. And, to industry regulators. To succeed, you must control operating costs, deliver superior returns and service, and mitigate risk. And that requires efficient, effective, compliant investment management. The right asset management software and services can help.

QED knows what it takes to run a high-performance asset management practice, and our solution reflects it.

QED for Asset Managers supports a “strategy to balance sheet” workflow front to middle to back office. And, it provides secure access to data that is timely, accurate and complete, and the tools needed to take action quickly. With streamlined, automated workflow, flexible reporting, and a “single version of the truth” for transparency, QED’s asset management software solutions enhances performance, client response and regulatory compliance—all while reducing overhead costs.


Accurate, Reliable Portfolio Accounting

Investment accounting is the information management foundation for asset management strategy and operations. Your firm and your clients rely on the accounting process for accurate and timely records of investment activity and values. QED delivers incomparable investment accounting and cash management, with multi-basis and multi-currency control of your book of record. QED automates key accounting functions to greatly improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing operational errors. Its globalized investment accounting engine respects international, national and organizational rules to ensure accurate transaction treatment and position reporting. And, it provides extensive data validation, comprehensive error detection and automatic notification. So, your accounting is always accurate and reliable.

Efficient Order Execution and Management

Trading is the operational implementation of investment strategy. In asset management, where every moment counts, trade efficiency is critical. It can minimize actions to reduce time, maximize available resources, and increase capacity. The result: improved performance, reduced overhead and enhanced client satisfaction. QED creates an automated flow of information and activity across systems, business units and functions—adding simplicity and efficiency to order and execution management. Automation, real-time integration and secure, configurable connectivity support straight through processing from the trading desk through to settlement and accounting.

Automated Investment Operations Workflow

QED automates investment operations workflow to help manage critical financial data across core business functions. Combining extensive portfolio management, investment operations, and accounting features into a single cohesive, multi-threaded web-enabled application, QED allows you to centrally control and distribute information across your enterprise in real-time. Control, reliability and an intuitive interface complete the solution to create a fully automated environment.

Superior Data Management and Control

Asset management is a complex financial process that requires information to support daily mission-critical decisions. But, information adds value only when it is complete, accurate, timely and, most importantly, available. QED’s financial data management philosophy is guided by one critical paradigm—the single version of the truth. Every user in your firm leverages the same information in different ways to support optimal execution of their roles. As a result, you have absolute confidence in the accuracy and validity of your portfolio valuations.

Business Intelligence and Transparency

To ensure optimal performance for all of your investment funds, you need your entire organization making intelligent decisions based upon comprehensive, accurate, timely information. And, you need to share the results with your clients. QED offers intelligence uniquely designed for the enterprise investment environment. From compliance and reporting to performance measurement and advanced analytics, QED’s flexible, scalable intelligence engine helps organizations leverage information to meet critical business objectives. It enables teams to connect and interact with real-time data around the clock in ways that are relevant to their roles, and securely share it with key stakeholders, internal and external to the organization.

Performance Evaluation and Measurement

At the end of the day, you are accountable to your clients for the performance of their investments. You must take every measure to monitor performance and communicate the results to them in a secure, timely manner. QED provides secure, aggregate-level performance measurement with uniform evaluations of investment rates of returns across diverse account structures and asset allocation constructs. Its advanced, web-based reporting engine lets you share the results with clients by creating custom, quality presentations on demand. QED’s relational database structure ensures risk-free, complex data mining without impacting time-sensitive business processes.


QED for Asset Managers features the QED platform, a complete portfolio management system for financial data managementportfolio accounting and investment reporting. The QED platform leverages workflow automation and straight through processing to drive operational efficiency and information utilization across the financial enterprise. It is delivered as a service (Paas) and available as a local network solution, with both deployments enhanced by QED’s experienced, in-house team of accounting and support professionals. More than $1.5 trillion in collective global assets are managed internationally on the QED platform. Learn more.


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